The Sunday Offertory Envelope is used for our daily operation of the parish and its ministries. Your donation may be set up as a one-time gift or as a recurring donation to our parish. We encourage you to forgo the actual box of envelopes and set up an electronic recurring weekly, monthly, or quarterly gift. Click the envelope to your right or any of the categories below to begin now.

We appreciate every gift we receive and thank you!

General maintenance needs and upkeep of our facility and grounds.

Faith Formation covers the cost of Faith Education for our parishioners. Volunteer to be a CRE teacher or lead a small group bible study! Please sign up to volunteer and share your gifts and talents!

Your support will help children receive a Catholic school education which nurtures their spiritual development, fosters their academic potential, and promotes their character development. Every gift is a blessing and makes a profound difference in the life of a child.

Your support plays a vital role in maintaining and improving the overall excellence of Saint Mary Catholic School and furthering the mission of Catholic education.

Building needs, future school remodel, future school build, Improvement of our facilities, meet growing needs.

The endowment fund is vital in helping secure the financial future of Saint Mary Catholic School by providing a constant source of income.