For St. Mary Catholic Cemetery information, Click here for Cemetery rules or contact Dennis Hansen at 251-2560 or email him at cowboy_57022@yahoo.com  

We are grateful for the staff who honor the Church's Tradition of caring for the deceased parish members while they rest in their final earthly resting place.

Each person, created in the image and likeness of God, sets out on a faith journey. Our Church, and in particular the local parish, is always present along the way to minister to the travelers needs and to celebrate significant milestones in their lives. 

Just as conception and growth are a part of our pilgrimage, so is death. On life's journey, the Church is present to support and nurture the members of the faith community.  Therefore, it is only fitting that the Church is present at the time of death and grief.

Catholic cemeteries are an extension of the parish where those in life now await the resurrection of the body in death.  They are rooted in ancient religious traditions that display a respect for their physical remains. 

Catholic cemeteries are a constant reminder that death is just a part of the journey that leads to new life. Catholic cemeteries are sacred places that strive to create a religious environment conducive to prayer, reflection and remembrance. Our cemeteries encourage prayerful visitation through the use of statuary, landscaping, architecture and Christian symbolism throughout buildings and by memorialization.

By choosing a Catholic cemetery, one selects a final resting place that reflects the beliefs and values from life's personal journey. It is a resting place that is sacred and shared with all fellow pilgrims awaiting the resurrection of the dead and the promise of everlasting life.  (Excerpt of this article taken from National Catholic Cemetery Conference)